Our Marine Construction Services

At Kuca Contracting we provide specialized marine construction services for a variety of standard and custom needs including new dock construction or repairs, waterfront access construction, boat house restoration, and cross-water transportation services.

Kuca Contracting has years of experience in a variety of fields including welding, fabrication, manufacturing, and carpentry. We bring knowledge and know-how to each project we take on, and work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Dock Construction and Repairs

Kuca Contracting not only builds and installs new waterfront docks, but also provides repairs to existing docks that may have been damaged due to ice, harsh weather conditions, or age.
We provide skilled, detailed, and professional marine construction and repair services to fit any budget – working with you to determine the appropriate dock materials and size to fit your needs.

Steel Tube Floating Docks
These docks are custom fabricated and can be designed to suit any shoreline. Made from heavy duty steel, steel tube floating docks are manufactured to withstand the harshest of conditions.

HDP Floating Docks & Swim Platforms
High Density Polyethylene floating docks are well suited for shorelines with minimal exposure. They are a more cost-effective solution to steel tube floating docks and make a great addition to any waterfront. This type of material is also a great option for swim platforms, further extending your waterfront experience.

Boat House Restoration & Improvements

At Kuca Contracting we know every boat house is different and a cherished addition to any waterfront property. This is why we pride ourselves on working with our clients to find an approach that provides quality results within a set budget. Whether we are working with the homeowner directly or partnering with their chosen architect or general contractor, Kuca Contracting offers a more personable experience.

Barge Services

Is the site for your property or shoreline only accessible by water? Kuca Contracting provides barge services that will assist with your water transportation needs, allowing you to comfortably build, renovate, or landscape on any waterfront location.

Our barges are hauled by truck, allowing us to work on remote islands and back lake water bodies throughout southeastern Ontario.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions and answers to serve you better.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Well, we pride ourselves on being flexible and creative so contact us directly with a few details about your upcoming project and we’ll do what we can to create a custom solution that meets your needs and gets you your ideal shoreline.

Yes. Please also check out information on past client experiences and project outcomes on our services page.

We consider ourselves creative and flexible, which means we will always do our best to work within a client’s budget and timeline.

Once we establish your project needs, we will provide you with an estimated timeline needed to complete the project.

Absolutely – we will work with you to identify a series of pre-defined project stages that can accommodate your budget and/or timeline needs.

Yes. At Kuca Contracting we will do our best to accommodate your availability, as we know evenings and weekends are often when seasonal users are at their property.

Yes. In fact, some projects are easier to complete in the winter due to ice access opportunities. This can be more budget friendly, while also making sure your waterfront is ready to go when the warm weather hits. If you feel that you may have a winter project, give us a call– we would love to discuss it with you.

Not all projects need a permit, but if a permit is required, the following supporting documents may be requested by your local building department or Conservation Authority: 

  • 2 complete sets of drawings showing floor plans, elevations, cross sections, truss layout, 
  • Survey of property (upon request), 
  • Copy of your deed or tax bill (proof of land ownership),
  • Plot/site plan showing distances from lot lines, high water mark, sewage system, all buildings and method for dealing with surface drainage on property,
  • Conservation Authority approval, MNR, Agriculture, MOE (where applicable)

When working with Kuca Contracting, you will have the option of obtaining a permit yourself or having us do it on your behalf.

Please note that getting permits does take time, especially when shoreline projects may require approval from both the Municipality and the local Conservation Authority. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid delaying your project. Of course, depending on the scale of your project, approval may be granted within a few weeks.